Recent polls have measured exactly what grinds the gears of employees across the UK and the results are in. Are you guilty of causing any of these?

If so, you might want to try and cut them out. After all, most of us will spend around 30% of our lifetimes at work, so it makes sense to make them as pleasurable for our colleagues as possible!

1. Body odour!

It’s not particularly shocking that polls showed that unpleasant body odour is the most reported issue amongst office workers in the UK. Missing that morning shower can have a big effect on the people around you, especially as you are sat there all day… so make sure not to miss it, and remember that deodorant goes a long way to keeping a harmonious workplace!

2. Being interrupted

Nobody likes being interrupted, so finding this as one of the highest issues on the list comes as no surprise. It’s highly unprofessional to speak over others and what might be fine with your mates down the pub, won’t be appreciated by your colleagues in the workplace.

3. Messy desks

Keeping a tidy desk is a problem for many office workers and it causes issues in the workplace. It is not just annoying for some to look at. It might be that you are causing the office to miss out on some proven wider benefits to a clean office environment. 

There are physical wellbeing benefits, increased productivity and the positive impact of an appealing workspace on potential clients to consider. A clean office environment rewards everyone … so try to remember the positives your missing out on when your desk next starts to disappear!

4. Not talking face-to-face

As the world becomes ever more digitally minded, it’s easy to forget that talking online is not the same as talking face-to-face. Remember that some people still like to see the whites of your eyes (and not on a screen!) when you speak and are left feeling distinctly flat by digital communication channels. This is why communicating too much via email, instead of going over and talking to a colleague, is high on the list of top ten annoyances in the workplace.

5. Being un-responsive to your team

Another office annoyance to avoid is being uncommunicative altogether! It’s a common issue in and outside the workplace that’s very simple to fix! Not replying to emails or answering the phone leaves your colleagues feeling disgruntled and taken for granted. So pick up that phone and write back more often to let everyone know you really do care!

6. Smelling of cigarettes

This is a tricky one, because if you are a smoker, you often don’t even notice the odour of cigarettes on yourself. Unfortunately the other people around you often still can – and they may be getting annoyed by it. A potential solution is to swap to smoking vaporizers whilst at work. Try asking your colleagues if they are bothered by the smell and then assess what you can do to minimise the impact on them.

7. Cooking smelly foods

Another common source of frustration in the workplace is other people’s food smelling out the office!  If you love a curry, why can’t you have it for lunch? No real reason, but if you want to stay onside with you colleagues, you may like to consider their nostrils next time your making your lunch choices. Failing that, simply apologising to the room before cooking it will also go a long way to helping!

8. Bringing your illness into work

Being a good co-worker means thinking of the other people around you, and while you may think that coming in when you’re ill could score some brownie points with the boss, it’s more than likely going to achieve the opposite with your co-workers! Germs spread like wildfire round an office, so if you know your ill, stay at home! Your colleagues will certainly thank you for it.

9. Speaking too loudly on the phone

Speaking too loudly on the phone annoys people everywhere, but while you can walk away from someone talking too loudly on the street – it’s not so easy in an office. Therein lies the problem for many employees trapped with a colleague who doesn’t seem to care that other people can’t hear themselves think! It’s time to start thinking of others around you and keep that voice down, unless you’re Dom Jolly…in which case it is your job!

10. Not cleaning up after yourself in communal areas

The final office annoyance is reserved for those employees that leave communal areas looking like a student kitchen (and we realise that is a vast generalisation and apologise to all those house proud students out there!).  Whilst you may use the excuse that the office has a professional cleaner, it’s still up to all of us office workers to keep our communal areas clean and tidy so our colleagues can use them without fear and trepidation

So, if you think you could be guilty of causing any of these office annoyances (and I think very few of us can claim to be office angels all of the time), spare a thought for your fellow workers next time you feel yourself straying into poor office etiquette and work will be an alround better place for everyone.