Candidates are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to what benefits the company are offering and what they expect when they are offered a job. A benefit that is progressively becoming more important for candidates is the need for career growth. According to the recent Glassdoor survey which focussed on what jobseekers consider when they are offered a job, candidates have stated it as one of the top 5 considerations.

But what is so important about this benefit? We have come up with a few reasons why this aspect is a must-have consideration for candidates.

Ambitious Candidates

For candidates, it is an extremely appealing aspect to have career growth opportunities in the pipeline when they accept a job offer for many reasons. Candidates are attracted to the idea of personal growth within the same company, allowing them to progress their skills and knowledge, as well as building strong relationships with colleagues and clients.

Having a determined career path can provide a sense of security for candidates who have found their perfect role and/or company. According to the 2015 Glassdoor HR and Recruiting survey, 60% of Millennials claim that growth opportunities are the most attractive perk, with 46% of Millennials leaving their previous job role because of the lack of career opportunities.

Tactical Company Strategies

A common question asked in interviews is “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” When interviewers ask this, not only are they trying to gauge a candidate’s ambitions but also open the door for a discussion about the career path available to the candidate at their organisation.

Offering career progression opportunities to candidates is equally beneficial for companies. By offering them a viable career path, which gives them the scope to grow, develop their skills and challenge themselves, they can motivate employees to work hard to achieve their goals. Demonstrating that the company values long term relationships with their employees is likely to inspire greater loyalty amongst their workforce too.

There are countless examples of companies are finding that providing a clear career progression pathway works in their favour as well as the candidates. According to the Glassdoor report, companies such as Bain & Company, Edelman, Proctor & Gamble, Schlumberger, PWC and Four Seasons are among some of the best for offering career growth opportunities.

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