With the general election now only two days away, you may have already decided who will receive your precious vote. Each party released their manifesto just under a month ago now and there have been various live debates on TV and radio since. To help you cut through the jargon and get down to the important information you need regarding the future of the jobs market under each party, we have created a two part blog series. Part one focuses on the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats and what changes they ‘promise’ to make if they are to come into power on Friday.

Conservative Party

As expected, the Conservative Party’s manifesto highlights the positive impact they have had over the last five years. They have stated that since 2010 “Britain has created more jobs that the rest of the EU put together.” In terms of jobs, they promise to:

  • Help businesses to create two million jobs which will achieve full employment in the UK
  • Give UK businesses the most competitive rates of taxation of any major economy and backing small businesses with a business rates review
  • Support three million new apprenticeships

Labour Party

The Labour Party “believes our economy can only succeed in a race to the top – competing in the world with better work, better pay and better skills.” They promise to:

  • Raise the National Minimum Wage to over £8 an hour by October 2019
  • Ban exploitative 0 hour contracts for those who work regular hours for 12 weeks or more
  • Abolish the fees for employment tribunal claimants, which are currently up to £1,200

Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats claim to have overseen the most radical changes to our benefits system for decades and are “committed to finishing the job of simplifying our benefits system and making work pay.” They promise to:

  • Increase the National Minimum Wage without slowing job creation
  • Invest in back-to-work support and connect with local business
  • Invest in healthcare support for those who need it

Make sure to keep an eye out for tomorrow’s blog to find out what UKIP, the Green Party and the Scottish National Party have to say about jobs and the economy.