According to Professional Staffing Companies, professional recruitment firms now have 13% more vacancies to fill compared to 2014. A clear indicator of the growing strength of the jobs market.

However, the jobs market is not consistent throughout the year. So, when thinking about your recruitment agency’s resources and workload, it is always helpful to get an understanding of how the market changes throughout the year.

With this in mind, we have put together some facts about seasonal trends that we hope you will find useful.

New Year, New Job

The number of job vacancies available in the New Year of 2015 exceeded all expectations, resulting in 257,000 new jobs. The industries contributing most to this impressive figure were predominantly made up of businesses in: retail, food service, construction, professional & business services, education and health services.

Allied to this, the first part of the year saw a 22% increase in the amount of new candidates registering with recruitment agencies. There was also a 13% increase in the number of new jobs that were available specifically through recruitment agencies.

Getting ready for summer

Statistics have shown that the summer months can prove demanding from a recruitment perspective for industries such as customer service, office support, IT, sales, engineering and construction. Recent research, consisting of more than 400 UK employers, revealed that 39% planned to hire seasonal workers, whilst 81% were considering doing so.

These roles often fit hand-in-hand with the 2 million students who return home for the holidays looking for work. However, figures have indicated that August tends to be slightly slower as students are either returning to university or would have only recently graduated so are still getting student life out of their system, before embarking on work.

Recruiter's complexity

The last part of the year seems to be the most complex, with a mix of an autumn dip, Christmas hiring and end-of-year budget management.  According to the UK Labour Market Report, there were 700,000 job vacancies for October to December 2014. This had risen by 19,000 from July to September 2014.

As one would expect, a significant number of the vacancies that are available within this period are related to the Christmas period and are short-term. In 2014, during the festive months 30,000 jobs were created and this number is predicted to rise.

We hope these observations have been useful and we would love to know what trends you have encountered whilst recruiting.

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