The UK general election is now only a day away and you may have already decided who you will vote for tomorrow. In case you are still one of the undecided, we have created a two part blog series outlining the main party’s manifestos regarding jobs. Yesterday we focused on the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats; today the spotlight shines on UKIP, the Green Party and the Scottish National Party.


Jane Collins MEP, the Employment Spokesman for UKIP, claims that “Being in the European Union is damaging the prospects for British workers.” The party believe that mass immigration has caused wages to decrease and that fewer new jobs are being created. In terms of jobs, they promise to:

  • Restrict access to EURES, the European jobs portal that enables employers to source cheaper labour from overseas
  • End European relocations grants that migrants receive for coming to work in Britain. Currently these are available up to €1,000
  • Ensure that the National Minimum Wage is in place and reverse the Government cuts to the number of minimum wage inspectors in England and Wales

Green Party

The Green Party believe that “we have everything we need to build a fair economy” in the UK. That includes skilled people who are ready to work. In terms of jobs, they promise to:

  • Restore the public sector and “end austerity” which will create over one million jobs that pay a living wage
  • Create a new ‘Wealth Tax’ on the top 1% and close the tax loopholes which allows the changes above to be made
  • Increase the National Minimum wage to £10 a hour by 2020

Scottish National Party

Whilst the Scottish National Party’s manifesto is focused predominantly on making Scotland stronger at Westminster, the party also promise to “help deliver positive change for the benefit of ordinary people, not just in Scotland, but across the UK.” In terms of jobs, they promise to:

  • Raise the National Minimum Wage to £8.70 by 2020 and support measures to extend the Living Wage across the UK
  • Support reductions to employer’s National Insurance contributions which they hope will create more and better paid jobs
  • Increase the Employer’s Allowance to £6,000 per business per year which will reduce the cost of creating and maintaining new jobs

It is clear that jobs and the state of the economy in the UK are a fundamental part of every party’s manifesto this year. So whichever way you choose to vote tomorrow, we hope that the future looks bright for the jobs market in this country.