A new study has revealed that graduates are struggling with the transition between university life and employment, with only 43% of employed graduates reporting that they felt prepared for working life.

A survey of 2,612 employed graduates found that 38% felt the move from student to employee was difficult, with 55% stating that they were uncertain when beginning work, and 41% reporting that they found it hard to begin work.

Whilst 84% of graduates felt they knew how to behave in the workplace, 41% reporting feeling uncomfortable, whilst 33% revealed that they lacked self-confidence in presenting themselves within a work environment. A quarter stated that they felt they did not fit in, or did not know how to deal with the range of different personalities in the workplace.

From the research, it was revealed that most graduates had covered presenting, teamwork, and CV and application writing at university, but were unlikely to have developed skills in assertiveness, commercial awareness, negotiation, business etiquette, and business and influential communication.

If you are looking for graduates to work in your recruitment business, but are worried that they will not yet be ready for the transition into your business, Enabling Change can help. Our Enabling Change Graduate Academy selects the graduates with the best aptitude to work in the recruitment industry.  We’ll select the graduate most suited for your recruitment business and follow up with a full training programme to support them after they join your company.

Alternatively, if you are a graduate looking to work in the recruitment industry, the Enabling Change Graduate Training Academy is for you. The Academy gives you an open and honest insight into the sector, coaches you through the recruitment process and gives you access to a wide range of recruitment job opportunities.

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