It seems that with each passing year, recruitment becomes ever more demanding and competitive. So, with this in mind and 2016 unbelievably nearly upon us, we thought we’d try and help you stay ahead of the competition by identifying the top recruitment trends for the upcoming year. Similar to 2015, much of the focus for 2016 still lies on the digital front. 2015 has seen a significant rise in the use of video by recruiters to source talent, and there are no signs of video taking a back seat now.

Employer Branding

As the talent shortage inevitably extends into 2016, employer branding is sure to gain more traction on the recruitment front. When thinking about ways to showcase an employer brand, video never fails to pull on the innovative strings. Employer branding can assist in attracting close top-tier talent, as well as promoting the image they want to portray to candidates. Not only does video do the job, but a social media strategy can also promote engagement and serve as a great tool to distribute information to candidates. For candidates, knowing about the company is vital during the recruitment process, and what better way to showcase the company’s brand than a video?


Again, the technology available today has opened a new door for employers. Workers are no longer tethered to their desks; instead they can work from home using laptops and mobile devices. Flexible work schedules and remote working will allow organisations to expand its talent pool by attracting candidates from more distant locations; not just local candidates. Whilst other organisations will struggle to find talent, companies that offer flexi-work will have a larger talent pool from which to recruit.

Blind CVs

We have noted that the blind CV policy has started to become a developing trend this year, and we expect this to gain momentum in 2016. More recruiting leaders have been made aware of the unconscious bias that hiring talent attracts, and hiding irrelevant information, such as the candidates name, address and education, has proven to be effective at recruiting the best individuals for the role. Law companies in particular have taken on the new approach. Other firms, like Deloitte and Google, are also experimenting with the new practice.

Candidate experience

The experience candidates have with a company has a huge effect on their overall decision to accept or decline an offer, but can also contribute to the employer’s brand. Candidates often share their experiences with friends and family, which means a good interview experience is vital for the company’s reputation. To help implement this, organisations are looking to improve the overall candidate experience – whether that means keeping in touch better after an interview, an engaging approach in the interview or on-the-job training.

As predicted in 2015, social media still continues to make a huge contribution to the recruitment industry, and it doesn’t stop there. Platforms like LinkedIn are due to take the lead as the top source of quality hires, closely followed by internet job boards and employee referral programs. Sourcing talent can be a gruelling task for employers but social media is helping lighten the load.

Have you got an idea of what trends are likely to arise in 2016 for us recruiters? If so, we’re keen to hear from you!

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