According to new data, 70% of HR directors admit to hiring someone who did not meet expectations, whilst one in every ten new recruits is viewed as a ‘poor hiring decision’. These bad hires, whilst seeming like small mistakes, can add up to a more costly problem for businesses.

Over half of HR directors reported that a loss of productivity is the biggest problem associated with a poor hiring decision – whether this be through the hire failing to complete as much work as their predecessor, or other staff’s work being negatively impacted.

Further to this, 30% of directors stated that a bad hire could cause a reduction in staff morale, whilst 17% listed significant financial costs through salary, extra training costs, lost performance and re-recruitment as a problem caused by each bad hire.

The figures also show the difficulty HR directors have in identifying and recruiting professionals, with 91% of directors reporting finding this challenging. When looking at the problems in sourcing the best candidates, 35% of directors noted a lack of niche or technical experts, 30% noted a case of demand outweighing supply, and 22% noted a lack of commercial business skills as a problem.

To minimise risk of a bad hire, HR directors need to have a recruiting process that uses the right people and practices to identify the best candidates for each role.

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