Finding employees to suit a specific job, the working environment and the work culture is a challenging job for employers. That’s where recruitment companies come into play! You are there to make the whole process easier, for both employers and candidates.

Whilst the job market continues to go from strength to strength, companies are finding that there is increasing competition to attract the best candidates for their roles. Recruitment agencies are best placed to make this process as efficient as possible. However, many employers have brought the recruitment process in-house, so demonstrating added value is crucial if recruitment agencies are to win back these employers.

This got us thinking about what it is that enables recruitment companies to demonstrate value in this way?

There are lots of factors, but for us, the one that repeatedly kept coming up was the people.

But what factors contribute to making great recruiter?

We’ve had a go at identifying below a few key traits we have observed in standout recruiters over the years, see if you agree?

Empathetic and commercial

A key component of being a recruiter is learning to combine a rare understanding of people with a meaningful grasp of business. Recruiters must have the ability to garner a thorough understanding of the requirements and needs of both candidates and their potential employers. Being good with people is only half the package. Great recruiters align this skill with a deep understanding of the commercial considerations an employer makes when recruiting for a role.


The recruitment market is all about making connections and building solid working relationships with employers and candidates alike. It sounds fairly obvious, but the best recruiters we encounter are truly great networkers, building, and crucially, maintaining, large databases of contacts across their designated industries. They are masters of online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but do not neglect offline opportunities to meet potential contacts face-to-face at industry events and shows. These opportunities offer possibilities to hold rich conversations with clients, helping to forge strong working relationships.

Thorough research

If you don’t thoroughly understand the industry you are recruiting for, you will face an uphill struggle winning work and placing applicants. We’ve observed the best recruiters have an in-depth knowledge of the sectors they work in and are able to take that understanding to support employers and employees. It enables them to advise both sides about appropriate salary and employment packages, offer advice on how the market is changing, what skills are needed, new technologies and more.

Think long term

Brilliant recruiters also treat jobseekers exactly the same as clients. They will offer career advice and support, whilst also briefing them effectively before interviews and offering feedback to help prepare them. These are all actions you would expect all recruiters to do but it is amazing how frequently you hear stories to the contrary. The really best recruiters seem to nurture and train candidates, supporting them after unsuccessful interviews and celebrating the successful ones. They foster close relationships. The result is they generate loyalty amongst their candidates and as they forge successful careers and businesses, they remember the support they received and when the time comes for them to recruit, they turn to their trusted recruiter.

We hope sharing these observations has been helpful and we’d love to hear what traits you’ve encountered in top recruiters.

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