The turn of the New Year is always an exciting time for recruiters, as it allows them to reflect on the trends that have shaped the previous years and look to take advantage of the new opportunities that developments in technology and the market produce. With the growth of new technologies in recent years, the possibilities available to recruiters are becoming endless, but even recruiters are noticing that things are changing at such a rapid pace it is often difficult to keep up.

Staying on top of the best technological advances is challenging for the best of us and you can be sure that the New Year will spring something on us right out of left field. So, to help you get a head start, we have put together some technological trends that we believe will keep booming throughout 2016.

Rise of Video Recruiting

Recruiters are now using technology to create innovative methods of attracting candidates. Last year saw a huge rise in the popularity of video recruiting and we believe that this will be no different in 2016.

A recent survey stated that 46% of candidates have experienced a video interview during the recruitment process. Although this figure looks significant, there is still plenty of room for this number to rise with the growing use of video-based technologies on the market today.

Skype, Google Hangouts and Facetime are just a few of the reliable video services that are available to recruiters. When asked, 47% of respondents said that they preferred video interviews compared to phone interviews, so with this in mind, there should be little doubt that recruiters will make video recruiting an integral part of their recruiting process.

There are many creative ways to incorporate video into your recruitment process, including video job descriptions, video job postings, video employee profiles and video employer branding.

Effective Recruiting CRMs

Over the last few years, recruiters have made the significant shift from applicant tracking systems (ATS) to the more engaging CRM method and we believe this move is set to rise in 2016. A CRM system empowers recruiters to deliver a more personal and engaging process for candidates, so there is no surprise that CRMs will play an even bigger part in the recruitment process over the coming year.

These systems allow recruiters to have a centralised point where their candidate details and previous records are stored, making your life easier as a recruiter to match the right candidate to their perfect job.  It is also a great method to keep track of your candidates in an organised way, making placements quicker with the many filter options available.

Growth of Mobile Recruiting

Candidates are always on the go, so it is important that the recruitment industry is able to keep up when it comes to the most up-to-date consumer habits. Mobile technology has been at the forefront of our everyday lives for many years, so it may come as a shock to know that recruiters are still behind when it comes to reaching candidates through mobile devices. But 2016 is the year that this is set to change and the recruitment industry finally catches up.

However, according to a recent LinkedIn survey, it is clear to see that moving toward mobile technologies may not be a top priority for many recruiters. The results indicated that only 20% of respondents confessed that their career site was optimised for mobile. With an overwhelming 83.1 million mobile users in the UK, it is something that cannot be ignored by recruiters eager to reach candidates through this method.

When using their mobile devices, users spend a staggering 89% of their time on mobile apps, so it is extremely important for recruiters to respond to their potential candidates’ habits when it comes to mobile engagement.

Have you heard of any more technology trends that are set to take over in 2016? If so, we would like to hear from you.

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