Now that we’ve all settled in to 2017 (just!), we feel the time is right to share, in case you missed it, the recruiting trends that LinkedIn reported on in their Global Recruitment Trends 2017 Report.

The key finding from the report was simple…talent. Talent, talent, talent! Based on a survey of nearly 4,000 corporate leaders, across 35 countries, over 83% of them say talent is the number one priority in their organisation when it comes to hiring

Talent aside, we have also outlined below the other key recruitment trends for 2017 presented in the report.

Hire volume increasing

Despite the historic decision to leave the EU in 2016, global recruitment companies have suggested that numbers are still very positive in terms of UK recruiting. In fact, 58% of UK recruiters, compared to 56% globally, say their hire volumes will continue to increase in 2017.

Employer branding

The report also highlighted that 80% of recruiters say employer branding has the potential to significantly impact the standard of talent flowing through the desk. In recent years, more and more candidates are taking note of an employer’s brand and culture as part of their quest for a suitable job role.

Whether or not recruitment businesses have the budgets to enhance their branding, the report has suggested that simple additions such as ‘cultures and values’ and ‘perks and benefits’ can significantly boost a business up the ‘employer branding scale’.

Know where to source talent

One of the most important aspects of recruiting is knowing where to target top talent on which platforms.

According to UK recruiters, almost half said that employee referrals will be their top source of quality hiring for 2017, followed by job boards and…you guessed it, social media! For those of you wondering, LinkedIn is still the favourite social media platform for hiring – leading the pack by 87%.

Budgets go traditional

Having a glimpse into how other recruiting teams spend their budgets is always exciting and this year is the first time that LinkedIn have shared their findings. It turns out that as recruiting budgets are so tight, over 50% are splashing the cash on job adverts and recruitment agencies.

Despite recruiters stating that employee referrals are the top source of quality hires for 2017, very little budget is spent on employer branding – expected to be one of the most important factors this year.

Interestingly, when UK recruiters were asked where they’d invest their money if it wasn’t a constraint, 53% said they would prioritise employer branding, 39% in tools, 38% in candidate experience and 29% in upskilling their team.

To read more about the top trends that will define recruitment in 2017, click here. Alternatively, if your recruitment business is looking to upskill their current recruiting team, get in touch with us.

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