As recruitment training professionals, we believe the success to recruiting is simple – plan!

Before the next day has even come around, recruiters are usually sat, heads down, planning the following day’s events, which typically include noting down priority tasks, booked meetings and of course, the most important…coffee breaks!

The next day has come. Recruiters are always keen to get those tasks ticked off as soon as possible. First things first. Coffee break no.1…done!

Next, it’s a case of checking those emails. On a good day, these are usually in triple figures, so a good hour of the day is spent ploughing through the most urgent messages and responding to candidate enquiries. If they come across a job role enquiry, it will be shipped off to their resource team so they can search for additional candidates.

In the meantime, it’s important for recruiters to always keep an eye on the time so they don’t miss the golden lunch slot to call potential applicants for job roles. Between 12pm – 2pm is the most popular time for recruiters to phone candidates and match them to the roles available.

After the phones, it’s onto the candidate search. The recruiting team usually spend a good few hours trawling through their database, job boards and LinkedIn to find more suitable candidates. At the same time, they’re also handling incoming calls, booking meetings, making more coffee, securing job roles, more coffee…The list is endless!

As industry specialists, we believe that one of the most exciting things about recruitment is the day-to-day variations. Not one day is ever the same. There are many ups and downs in the life of a recruiter, but the most satisfying feeling is knowing an extremely talented candidate has been placed in a great career opportunity.

It’s those moments which make recruitment worthwhile!