In a bid to try and attract the best talent, UK employers are increasingly offering unusual perks to employees. Would you offer these?

Job search engine, Adzuna, conducted some research last month which identified some very interesting results. Typical workplace benefits include holiday pay and sick pay, but for some, it doesn’t stop there. Trips abroad, huge cash bonuses and free lunches cooked on-site by top UK chefs are just some of the (subtle) benefits being offered by large companies to attract job seekers.

Here are, what we found to be, the most unusual perks found in Adzuna’s analysis:

‘Pawternity’ leave

The UK is a nation of dog lovers, so it’s only fair that employers let new pet parents settle in to their new additions, right?

BitSol Solutions and BrewDog are just some of those offering this unusual perk. In fact, research from Petplan found that 5% of owners have been offered paid leave from their job to adjust to their pet-owning duties.

Companies that offer this perk are certainly a candidate’s best friend.

Hangover days

Tech start-ups are always keen to attract and retain young employees, so it’s no surprise that ‘hangover days’ are being mentioned in job adverts to get candidates flowing through the desk.

Free Netflix

Ideal for the ‘stressed’ employee, free entertainment packages are being offered to new joiners to help them stay relaxed in their free time. Smart applicants could even combine this fun benefit with a Hangover Day?

Feeding the ducks

On a lighter note, one UK company currently hiring suggested candidate’s take advantage of the area’s natural beauty by feeding the ducks on their lunch break.

One question bothering us is whether the bread is supplied. Could this be another perk for them to provide?

With the need for talent becoming more competitive, it’s only natural that companies are offering these odd benefits in order to compete for the best. Do you offer any unusual job perks? Let us know!