How to get the most from job boards

Are you using Job Boards as a recruiter? – If you are, then you must read our advice about how to make the most out of them.

1.      Don’t just advertise. Posting job ads up is fine, but many job boards also allow you to search the CVs that they hold. This is particularly valuable if you:

a) Get a huge response from largely unsuitable applicants to your adverts

b) Are looking for very specific types of people that an advert would struggle to pinpoint. In our recruitment academy, we also find that searching out candidates seems to access, on average, better quality people.

2.      Re-work searches. It is an odd thing that the same search conducted at different times or by different users, hits on different people. This may just be chance, or perhaps some complex result of the way the searches are run, but it all leads to the same thing – try the same or similar searches regularly and see what you get.

3.      Don’t over-rely on job boards. Job boards undoubtedly deliver a large number of candidates in to jobs, but remember that your competitors and even your clients can access exactly the same sources, so if you only use job boards, your service can start to look too much like a commodity and the value you add is limited. So work a range of other, creative and proactive candidate sourcing initiatives along-side your job boards. Your boss will also be suitably impressed when you find and place people from other sources!

4.      Ring the changes. There are loads of job boards out there and they are all keen for your business. Many have their own angle, some go for simple size, others are niche and will suit a particular sector or function and others have technical capabilities or features. Don’t be afraid of trying a different job board, many will offer short, free trials. Look to generate better value for money by making your preferred boards appreciate that you are looking at others. And ignoring all of this, a new look job board with a different approach, brand or focus will simply make it more interesting and varied for you.

5.      Be creative! Struggling to find anyone on the job boards? How about looking for someone on the job boards who is ‘almost’ right, or who has something that ‘links’ them to the right person, who is not on the job board. Then call then up and look for a referral. The link could be the same company, education, background, technology, projects or simply location, but it is worth a go. Remember, you should still have something of interest to talk to the referrer about, but see where the conversation goes.

Catherine Riley