Google launches Hire into UK recruitment sector

Google has officially launched its recruitment platform, Google Hire, into the UK recruitment market. The platforms allows recruiters to access automation tools that are designed to help speed up the administration process.

How does it work?

Initially launched in the US back in July 2017, Google’s Hire allows recruiters to post jobs to multiple sites, track applications, schedule interviews and use email templates for recruitment campaigns all within one system. The tools can also be integrated with its cloud-based G-suite applications, like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive and Google for Jobs (which pulls through roles from multiple job sites such as LinkedIn, TotalJobs and CV Library).

With Hire currently ranking 23rd in the world for applicant tracking systems, it has every chance of disrupting the status quo amongst the likes of LinkedIn, Jobsite and Indeed when it comes to cost-effective recruitment platforms.

What will it mean to you?

As technology evolves, and with more sophisticated and cost-effective recruitment tools such as Google Hire being introduced, some recruiters may feel threatened and believe that hire clients will bring their recruitment in-house.

However, disruption like this, whilst a potential threat, also provides opportunities – particularly to recruiters who can deliver value beyond that which these platforms offer. The weaker recruiters will struggle to justify their, often already low charges in the face of this ‘competition’. Stronger recruiters will maintain a good price for a more valuable service and will also use these platforms in creative ways that gives them an edge over internal recruiters.

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Catherine Riley