Internal training


Helping you to train your team more cost effectively

Developing a genuinely, comprehensive training strategy for your business can be costly and time consuming. Attending training courses can form part of the solution, but most businesses will still need to spend time developing their own people. Whilst an external trainer may provide this to you, it can be difficult to fit training programmes around work commitments, expensive to ensure that courses are frequent enough and no external trainer will ever know your business and culture as well as you do.

What's the answer?

We have developed training modules to be delivered by your management team to your consultants that focus on the core elements of the role. These short training sessions are built around the proven principals that we use to train some of the best recruitment companies in the UK. Now you can use this resource and pass these concepts on to your whole team in bite size, practical and customised sessions. This system works as a refresher to your management team and as a way of introducing or refreshing key topics to your other members of staff.


Enabling Change has provided a long-term development solution by implementing a wide range of training systems. They provide advice and information beyond purely training.