Key to controlling our deals is an appreciation of the financial expectations of both parties.  These can change markedly through a process and as a result it’s important we have a good awareness as to where both parties are positioned at any given time.  Whilst we established a ceiling on a financial range when we first took the Job Brief from the client, now is a great opportunity to ask questions like, “if you were to put on offer to this candidate, where in the range would you see them fitting in?”  We’re not seeking commitment at this stage but checking that we still have room for manoeuvre in terms of financial expectation.  Similarly, we will want to ask the candidate a question like, “Based on what you’ve seen today, if they were to make you an offer of £X would you still take it?” where ‘X’ represents the minimum to move figure that we first established when we profiled the candidate.  Keep checking in on these figures to minimise the chance of any surprises when we reach offer stage.