Whenever we make big purchasing decisions there is often a period after the initial buzz and excitement where we start to doubt whether the product was the right one for us and whether or not we did the right thing.  This is often referred to as buyer’s remorse and translates directly to the process of accepting a role.

Whilst a candidate might be excited about the opportunity when they accept, there will almost certainly be a period of time before the start date when they start to experience doubt and uncertainty.   Sometimes this stems from other influences around them – their current colleagues, family, friends or even other recruiters.

So understand that this is a natural phase of the deal and that you can be a strong positive influence on the candidate – we may need to remind them why they were looking to move in the first instance or talk them through the attractions of the new role.  The critical thing is that we stay in touch so we can discuss buyer’s remorse with the candidate as and when it arises.