There’s no getting away from it – money is almost always going to be a key element of any deal you do.  It’s important therefore that we aim to get a financial deal that the client, candidate and you are comfortable with.  However, on many occasions and particularly where we receive a financial offer from the client that is around the candidate’s minimum to move figure we will need to introduce other elements to the negotiation.  These could be perks, benefits or features of the role that we know to be particularly attractive to the candidate.  Try and identify elegant currencies in the negotiation – these are tradeables that are of low value to one party but high value to the other.  For example, a hiring client might not care too much about the job title that is bestowed upon the new hire but if you have a candidate for whom status is critical, a slightly better sounding job title might make all the difference between them accepting or rejecting the role.  Look for any tradeables that you know will particularly appeal to the candidate’s motivations and see if there is any scope for negotiation around these.