You have to be flexible in everything that you do – and this includes your mindset.  Often a new recruiter is too fixed on a single objective when they’re performing a task and this is understandable when we’re learning the job. However, a great temp recruiter will see multiple opportunities in everything that they do and it stems from having multiple objectives and a flexible attitude. For example, when we’re new and interviewing a candidate we tend to be focused purely on whether they are suitable for a particular job.  A better recruiter has many more objectives for that interaction – they will of course be assessing suitability but also thinking about future roles they might be suited to, whether this candidate can refer them to new candidates or clients, can give them market information or gossip or will be suitable to make a candidate marketing call with.  So once you’re comfortable with the mechanics of any particular activity try to focus on other opportunities that it presents to you – be commercial at all times!