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Internal Training Product

Engaging, interactive & diverse

We are aware that using us for weekly training sessions is just not feasible, and so we put our minds to thinking of a more effective, long term solution to a recruitment firm’s training needs.

We came up with the ‘Recruiting Excellence – Training Solution’. With this programme, a firm will be able to utilise their own internal resources (their managers) to deliver regular short training sessions built around the proven principles which we train to the market.

Why go internal

What's included

This product is designed to provide a Manager of a recruitment business or team with all the necessary structures, documentation, skills and understanding to enable them to deliver short, regular training and coaching sessions to their people. 

There are 25 modules, each designed to last between one and two hours, covering all aspects of the recruitment and sales process.

The product comes with a comprehensive train the trainer programme which imparts the key training skills and techniques that will allow the Manager to deliver professional, motivational and effective sessions to their people, whether they are new trainees or seasoned Consultants.

  • Trainer workbook and guide including, for each module, structure, role-plays, notes and tips.

  • Consultant workbooks, to be completed by delegates when attending each module.

  • A train the trainer course to train designated manager(s) on how to run the modules and utilise the material provided.

  • Access to telephone support and advice for extra help.

  • A series of forms in hard and electronic form to be used in conjunction with the modules and as an ongoing business tool.

Meet the trainers

Our trainers bring the Enabling Change mission to life - to deliver recruitment training courses that ooze quality. Since our inception in 2002, we've maintained a 5-star rating for the quality of content delivered by Dave, Jim and Geoff - something that no other training provider in the country can truthfully claim. Meet the Enabling Change team.


Who we help

We have worked with hundreds of recruitment companies over the years to develop a bespoke internal training solution, aligned with their values, business strategy and goals.

Accelerate your learning 

To book your place on one of our courses, call us on 01264 360 234 or fill out the form below

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Enabling Change has provided a long-term development solution by implementing a wide range of training systems. They provide advice and information beyond purely training.


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