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Case Studies

Enabling Change has worked with TRS since 2008, initially running a selection of in-house training workshops. Building on the success of this initiative, Enabling Change were asked to design and deliver a bespoke training programme to all of the consultants working in the agency’s London office.

TRS Staffing Solutions

In-House Training

Enabling Change has worked with Navartis since 2009, initially running in-house training programmes across the business. Keen to capitalise on the success of these sessions, Navartis introduced Enabling Change’s Internal Training Solution in 2010, with the aim of expanding the growth and development of both trainees and existing consultants.


Internal Training

Eyears initially engaged with Enabling Change in 2016, when a number of their staff attended a public training course. However, with their head office based in Birmingham, Eyears were required to send their staff to Stockport for the training sessions, which they found to be less time and cost effective than they initially anticipated, taking into consideration lost office days, travel expenses and hotel costs.


Online Training

Enabling Change has provided a long-term development solution by implementing a wide range of training systems. They provide advice and information beyond purely training.


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