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Benefits of Virtual Training for Recruiters

Virtual Training has seen a rise in popularity over the last 5 years and is increasingly being adopted by organisations to supplement more traditional methods for a number of reasons. Not only do businesses experience cost-savings through the adoption of VT, but learners also receive a flexible and dynamic training experience, that they can work around their busy schedule, with access to online tutors, progress reports and assessments all in one portal. If you’re sceptical or unsure about whether Virtual Training is right for you, we’ve outlined some top benefits below.

Saving costs

One of the most mentioned and highly appealing benefits of Virtual Training is the potential for cost reduction compared to using other methods. Virtual Training removes the costs associated with acquiring training premises, as well as travelling and accommodation expenses. There are also cost reductions around the printing and distribution of training materials, as these are stored and accessed on your electronic device of choice. In addition, Virtual Training provides access to the learning materials at any time, minimising the disruption to day-to-day jobs and therefore reducing costs of covering staff and extra labour.

Flexible learning

The great difference between Virtual Training and more traditional methods training is the flexibility it affords learners. They can complete assessments at their own pace and in their own time. Modules are drip fed in smaller chunks, making them easier to digest and allowing learners to reach milestones in shorter time frames, as opposed to sacrificing endless hours in the classroom and cramming. Virtual Training is specially designed to work from any location on a mobile or computer device, providing there is internet access, and modules can be paused and saved, enabling learners to pick up from where they left off at any time, which is perfect for those with busy schedules.

Everything in one place, accessible at any time

Course materials, assessments, progress trackers and feedback reports are all available in one place, making the Virtual Training platform the one-stop portal for learning. There is no requirement to refer to books or print-outs, when everything you need is accessible within a few clicks of a button. Virtual Training can also act as a digital forum for learners to share the results of their work assignments with their tutors, enabling feedback to be given efficiently and their progress to be tracked with a digital infographic.

Personalised learning

Virtual Training provides a learning experience that is tailored towards the individual. Modules can be completed in their order of choice, with the ability to revisit topics as and when needed, before proceeding on to the next stage. Modules can be provided in the format of video for visual learners, audio-script for auditory learners, text transcript for learners who prefer to read/write and interactive content for kinaesthetic learners. Virtual Training can also tailor the structure of the modules around the learner’s development. For example, the course will prompt the learner to re-visit certain topics to revise after completing assessments, based on the individual’s results; which will highlight any areas for development. Learners will also have the opportunity to retake the assessment when they feel confident again.

Rich media and interactivity

Technology can amplify great teaching with its endless potential. Virtual Training has the scope to offer a wide variety of rich content, such as videos, interactive tutorials and online assessments. Videos can be paused and replayed and have interactive elements to keep the learner engaged. Interactive media can come in the form of assessments, quizzes, tutorials and even gamification.

So if you were unsure before what Virtual Training can offer your recruitment business, hopefully we have now highlighted some of the many benefits associated with choosing Virtual Training for your training solution.

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