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How to give yourself the winning edge as a recruiter – part 1

Looking to excel in your performance as a recruiter but not sure where to start? In our new series of blogs, Enabling Change brings together Tony Byrne’s 30 Steps in the Placement Process and Brian Tracy’s Winning Edges to help you define a clear process for achieving recruiting success. Continue reading below to find out more:

Tip 1 – Take a complete Job order

So your client has come to you with a new position to fill and now you just need to find the right candidate – brilliant! However, this can be a timely and lengthy process, so to ensure you’re as efficient as possible, it’s important you get the whole story from your client. Most recruiters can easily establish the cause of a hire, but winning edge recruiters go beyond the cause and explore the effects.

For example, as a recruiter you no doubt already know the job description, the reason for the hire, how quickly they need to fill the job and so on – but what about questions like “What are you trying to achieve in this hire?” “What are your aspirations/objectives/goals?” By determining the effects, you can better understand the kind of candidate your client requires, but more importantly, you can decide how likely this will complete into a successful placement.

Tip 2 – Write a recruiting plan

Recruitment is an extremely fast-paced environment and when we’re given a new position to fill, it’s all too easy to dive in head first; however, sometimes it’s good to also take a step back to stop and think. Before you begin your search for a candidate, it may be worth asking yourself a few of these questions:

  • Who am I looking for & where will I find them?

  • What similar roles am I/have I worked on recently?

  • What’s good about the role and how will I sell it?

  • What’s wrong with the role and how will I deal with this?

Not only will this help you find more suitable candidates, but it’ll also help you to understand the role better and answer any question the candidate may have that you previously hadn’t thought of.

Tip 3 – File search

Having lots of data isn’t much help if you can’t utilise it. Winning edge recruiters don’t just segment their data – they go the extra mile to familiarise themselves with the top candidates for each hotlist. Not only does this help you to identify the right candidates for a role, but it also looks particularly impressive to clients if you can respond to their requirements quickly.

If you enjoyed part 1 of our winning edges series, be sure to watch out for part 2 next month! Alternatively, if you have any questions regarding the topics discussed in this article, give us a call on 01264 360 234 or email We'd be happy to help.


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