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How to give yourself the winning edge as a recruiter – Part 4

In the fourth part of ‘how to give yourself the winning edge as a recruiter’, we discuss the next steps for defining your success strategy. The aim of this series is to give recruiters specific operational techniques that will improve performance.

Step 10 – 1st interview – prepping the client

Winning edge recruiters understand the importance of prepping a client beforehand – remember, your clients’ performance at the interview is just as important as the candidates who are applying for the role. The winning edge of this step is to have a clear objectives of the conversation with the client. You want your client to really sell the job to the candidate; so make sure they appreciate the need to sell to the candidate (e.g. competition for the candidate) as well as the key elements of the job and company that particularly appeal to this candidate.

Step 11 – 1st interview – debrief candidate

Following up after an interview is best done as soon as possible to minimise any delays. Winning edge recruiters therefore provide their candidates with clear post-interview guidance; the candidate should call the recruiter, so be clear to explain the importance of them calling you as soon as they come out so that you can have a constructive conversation with the client which includes the candidate’s input.

Step 12 – 1st interview – debrief client

Once again, this step is all about avoiding delays, keeping control and maintaining momentum post-interview. Soon after debriefing the candidate, we want to speak to the client – right? But it is often difficult to track them down which builds delays into the process. Winning Edge recruiters avoid this whole problem by booking a telephone call to debrief the client and then confirming this call with an outlook invitation. Try it if you aren’t already doing this.

If you enjoyed part 4 of our winning edges series, be sure to watch out for part 5 next month! Alternatively, if you have any questions regarding the topics discussed in this article, give us a call on 01264 360 234 or email We'd be happy to help.


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