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Recruitment open training courses – are they right for your business?

Recruitment open training courses have many benefits for both the organisation and the individual. Not only are they a cost-effective solution for your organisation’s training requirements, but they also minimise disruption to the day-to-day work in your office.

Enabling Change offer a variety of training solutions for the recruitment sector, including Open Training Courses, which are tailored to address the skills most commonly in need of improvement amongst recruiters within the recruitment industry.

Tailored to address both generic and your specific needs

Enabling Change’s Open Training Courses offer highly targeted training initiatives that address both generic and individual needs for recruitment businesses. There are different courses available; which cover all the various aspects of the recruitment process, so you can address your specific training requirements. To give you examples of the type of focus courses can have; ‘The Placement Process’ Open Training Course covers the full process, from taking a complete job brief, right through to delivering best-practice around the candidate’s start date. In contrast, ‘Candidate Acquisition & Control’, as the name suggests, focuses primarily on the attraction, qualification and management of candidates.

Open Training Courses are proven to improve the overall quality of the recruitment process, from listing a vacancy, to selecting candidates and interviewing. Attendance on these types of courses has been shown to dramatically reduce the length of time it takes to hire and improve the overall experience during the process for the recruiter, employer and candidate.

It's cost-effective

If you’ve been contemplating the right training solution for your recruitment business, but have a limited training budget, Open Training Courses are an incredibly cost-effective training solution. The pay-as-you-go approach makes them affordable to any business and you can send as many or as few members of your team as necessary, picking the course focus that is right for each specific member of staff’s needs.

Minimum disruption to your organisation

We understand that your staff are your resource and having too many people off at training at once will cause disruption to your day-to-day activities. Our Open Training Courses typically take place over 2-3 days, so there is no need to be out of the office for a full week. Likewise, they are held in both the north of England, in Stockport, and the south of England, in Winchester, to minimise travel time to the course locations.

There is also no need to send your whole team at once. With the courses repeated throughout the year, you can stagger attendance by your team over the course of the year, to ensure minimum disruption but still address skills gaps.

Attendees of the courses can also return to your business and share their learnings and course content, to the benefit of everyone in your business. It is common for attendees to convey ideas and learning points to the rest of their team and even deliver short presentations to reinforce their learning and pass it on to others.

Meet other recruiters from other firms

We can all become a bit insular, focusing on our business a bit too much at times. Public courses expose attendees to other recruitment sectors, job roles and cultures; which can stimulate wider and more creative thinking.

It is also a chance to meet recruiters from other firms and gives you an opportunity to benchmark your business’ behaviours against others in the industry.

It’s a great motivational treat

A chance to get out of the office to do something new is motivational. Provide your staff with some money for expenses, put them up for the night and they are likely to have a good time. It is not an excuse for an offsite jolly though. We’ve found this dynamic encourages individuals to learn and retain information better, ensuring you receive a good return on your training investment and your staff receive essential information, skills and industry best practice from a highly experienced team of trainers.

They just need to remember not to have too good of a time so they can’t remember a thing the next day!

Open training courses – get involved!

Enabling Change offer a variety of recruitment training solutions alongside Open Training Courses; including In House Programmes and a virtual training solution. In all cases, they help you to develop your team to become the best recruiters, managers and business leaders they can be.

By incorporating recruitment training into your business, both you and your team benefit. Open Training Courses are a great place to start upskilling your staff. Simply identify the course topic and location that is most appropriate for your team members and book on.

Click here to find out more about our Open Training Courses, call us on 01264 360234 or email us at

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