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How we helped Eyears Ltd


The company


Eyears are an independent recruitment agency specialising in the childcare and education industries. Established in 2005, Eyears have grown to become a leading recruitment agency in their field, now operating in 12 offices across the country.


As a company, they are committed to growing their team’s capabilities through a range of training solutions. Enabling Change has played a major role in achieving this.


The solutions


Eyears initially engaged with Enabling Change in 2016, when a number of their staff attended a public training course. However, with their head office based in Birmingham, Eyears were required to send their staff to Stockport for the training sessions, which they found to be less time and cost effective than they initially anticipated, taking into consideration lost office days, travel expenses and hotel costs.


However, they were so impressed with the impact of the training, that they were keen to keep Enabling Change on board as their training partner. Exploring options, they felt Enabling Change’s Internal Training Solution was the ideal solution. The in-house training product enabled them to have the best of both worlds. The Eyears management staff were fully equipped with all the resources needed to effectively train their teams internally, backed with the guidance and support of Enabling Change’s recruitment trainers. This removed the need to have days out of the office and the costs of travel and accommodation for external training.


In 2018, keen to capitalise on the proven impact of the Internal Training Solution, Eyears began exploring additional training options that could complement their existing training program. Enabling Change’s VTR online training product was the perfect choice for quickly and efficiently upskilling their trainee consultants. Four of their trainees were enrolled in the VTR course and six months later they all had successfully completed it.


The outcome


Eyears were very impressed with the thoroughness of the VTR training product and its impact on their staff. As a result, they continue to enrol all their trainee consultants on the platform, which has proven to be a vital component of their employee training strategy.


An Eyears consultant who completed the VTR training has gone on to run training presentations for new recruits to share their expertise and tips. Often the newer consultants have limited experience in the recruitment industry, so a VTR prep session acts as a taster for consultants before they embark on the training.


In the fast-paced industry that is recruitment, Eyears have found VTR to be an incredibly time and cost-effective training solution; which has allowed them to quickly upskill their team, giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace.


The feedback


“We’ve worked with Enabling Change for a few years now and all of their training products have proven to be extremely useful to our consultants, particularly VTR. “


“VTR is very easy to use and is much less time consuming than say a public course where staff are sent off for a few days’ worth of training. “


“Without a doubt, I would definitely recommend Enabling Change, not only for their training products, but also for the ongoing support they provide to us.”


To find out more about our variety training programmes, give us a call on 01264 360 234 or take a look at our training options.

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