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Funded Training

Keeping your team motivated during COVID-19


Funded training for the Sheffield City Region

We're delighted to share that we're now a Skills Bank training provider. This means that any employer in the Sheffield City Region can access our training products through funding.

Skills Bank is a flexible pot of funding that can provide bespoke tailored training which directly meets the needs of employers and enables them to choose the training provider they use.

If training for you or your employees would help your business to grow, you may be eligible for funding towards the cost, so please get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Funded training available

Contact us to discuss funding options

Accessing funding for training is simple

  • Help your business to grow and develop with funded training for your employees.

  • Find the right training and funding options to help your business grow and develop

  • To be eligible, businesses must have an operational base within the Sheffield City Region and aspire to grow and develop

  • Skills Bank have special support for businesses who have been affected by Coronavirus

  • Giving employers the power to purchase skills training


30 Day

Money Back Guarantee

26,766+ recruitment professionals trained

31,392+ hours trained

Training products


Public virtual training


In-house training


Internal training


Online training

Enabling Change has provided a long-term development solution by implementing a wide range of training systems. They provide advice and information beyond purely training.


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Accelerate your learning 

To find out more about our Funded Training options, call us on 01264 360 234 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

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