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TRS Staffing Solutions

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How we helped TRS Staffing Solutions


The company


TRS Staffing Solutions are a large recruitment agency, specialising in the engineering and advanced manufacturing sectors, including the aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, defence and renewable energy industries.


Founded in 1984 by a group of senior industry leaders, TRS have launched in 6 continents with 18 offices worldwide.


As a company, they are committed to investing in their staff through ongoing training and development. Enabling Change has played an important part in delivering this.

Where it began

Enabling Change has worked with TRS since 2008, initially running a selection of in-house training workshops. Building on the success of this initiative, Enabling Change were asked to design and deliver a bespoke training programme to all of the consultants working in the agency’s London office.


The resultant impact and the volume of positive feedback received led to TRS Staffing Solutions commissioning Enabling Change to roll out similar training material to all their 18 offices worldwide. Experienced in the complex challenges associated with delivering a single coherent training programme effectively across many countries, Enabling Change worked closely with TRS Staffing Solutions’ management team to ensure any issues associated with differing languages, cultures, sensibilities and geography were mitigated.


The outcome


TRS were so impressed with the professionalism and thoroughness of Enabling Change’s approach that they embraced our Internal Training Solution. It enabled them to empower all their managers globally, with the skills and material necessary to run powerful localised training sessions.


To further support this process, Enabling Change trainers attended the company’s annual managers’ conference and delivered additional training to twenty managers, providing them with the confidence and tools required to successfully deliver training sessions to their own teams.


The feedback


TRS were, and continue to be, very pleased with Enabling Change’s training programme. Mike Innes, Regional Managing Director at TRS Staffing Solutions, comments: “Ever since our initial contact with Enabling Change, we have been impressed by their flexible approach and their willingness to create a bespoke service as required. Throughout our professional association, they have continued to work closely with key people within the agency in order to understand their individual needs, as well as to identify any potential challenges. Ultimately, Enabling Change has provided our agency with relevant and usable training for a geographically and culturally diverse group.”


Why TRS Staffing Solutions recommend Enabling Change:


  • Delivered a ‘high impact’ sales development programme for consultants.

  • Spent time developing relevant training for different groups within the company.

  • Were interested in providing bespoke services and acting in a consultant capacity.


To find out more about our training programmes, give us a call on 01264 360 234 or take a look at our training options. If, like TRS Staffing Solutions, you require a more bespoke training solution, give our sales team a call. We’d be happy to talk you through your options.

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